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The Drug Test Consultant

The Drug Test Consultant Creating Recurring Income Success Stories Since 2004

In today’s business environment, what do employers, businesses, groups and organizations of all types need to know? Amongst a number of things, they certainly need to know if the person they are bringing onboard has any history of drug usage. The cost of drug abuse in our economy runs into the billions of dollars and we all pay the price. As an Associate of The Drug Test Consultant you will provide goods and services at the most competitive pricing and with the best service in the industry. It’s profitable and best of all, once a client comes onboard they repeat the process over and over which means RECURRING INCOME for you.




A low entry cost without the recurring royalties or fees that are charged by most businesses, allows you to recover your investment quickly and move into profitability.

There is no shortage of businesses and individuals that need to be drug tested throughout the U.S.  The need continues to grow and you can be right on the forefront of an emerging industry that will have long term staying power.

You can work from home or have a physical collection site.  Either way you will have the opportunity to build a successful business with ongoing business.

You will also be able to expand your business by participating in our “Seriously Mobile” drug testing business component.  There is no special vehicle required and this level of service really works for many of your clients because:

  • It reduces production downtime and wage loss.
  • It limits opportunities for test cheating.
  • It reduces the liability a company may incur when they require an employee to travel to a testing site.
  • It allows convenient scheduling of workforce testing during work hours.
  • It lets companies easily schedule random testing to meet compliance needs.



Services you will offer:

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • DOT Program Management and Compliance
  • Workplace Drug Testing
  • DNA Paternity Testing
  • Instant Drug Test Supply Distribution (Over 500 skews in stock ready to ship to your clients)
  • Drug Detection Assessments
  • Student & Athletic Testing
  • Steroid Testing
  • Hair Follicle Testing
  • Drug Test Collections
  • Supervisor Training Programs
  • Employee Education Programs
  • Nicotine Testing
  • Alcohol Testing
  • Court Ordered Drug Testing




Our “Quick Start Training” is designed to get you off the starting blocks and earning  money just as the name implies — quickly.  Your corporate mentors in this business aren’t just teachers.  They’ve walked the walk by building successful drug testing businesses themselves within our business model.  You never leave home as all training is accomplished by way of teleconferencing and webinars.  You will be given a proven path for success and RECURRING INCOME.

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