ATAX $50,000 Liquid Capital Required




Own an ATAX Franchise - Questions & Answers

What is it?

ATAX is a Tax Preparation franchise offering accounting and financial services such as tax preparation, bookkeeping, and business startup services. Initial startup costs range from $62,500 - $79,000

Special focus on the growing Hispanic community through proven systems & support


How does it make money?

Creating Fanatical Fans to acquire and retain clients for Tax Preparation & Financial services


Who is it for?

Those with an entrepreneur mindset, looking for a proven franchise system to follow. Tax Experience is not required to operate the business. Individuals with a growth focus and a passion for helping people and their local community. 


What would you do as a franchisee?

Follow the ATAX system to create fanatical fans, to acquire & retain Tax Preparation & Business clients. 



Why is the Tax Industry a great business to be in?

1) Recession Resistant Industry – Three things guaranteed in Life: Death, Taxes & Change. The tax industry is ever changing, bringing complexity to consumers and the need for Assisted Tax Preparation. It’s a growing industry that is mandatory and not a commodity.

2) Keep your day job – Tax Season is 4 months out of the year. This allows flexibility to keep your day job and have less risk as a new business owner. Also adds the flexibility of adding other services to your business.

3) Fragmented Industry – The national tax companies only have about a 20% market share of the industry, 80% of it is done by Independent Tax Offices. When Burger King opens next to a McDonalds, do you think the sales for MCD goes up or down? They go up, as they take market share from independent burger places.

4) The IRS – Industry regulated by one of the most feared government agencies, and that’s great for the assisted tax preparation industry as taxpayers search for a professional in their neighborhood to help them. 



Discover why ATAX is Flying past the competition!

WORLD-CLASS TRAINING & SUPPORT – Our executive & support team have over 400 Years of combined Tax Franchising Experience! You have access to on-going training, support, weekly webinars, and one-to-one coaching by the best team in the industry!

A BUSINESS MODEL THAT WORKS - Our franchise opportunity is based on a successful & proven business model, with a wide range of services and a year-round revenue stream. We provide you with the best & proven Guerrilla Marketing plans to keep costs down and help acquire new clients in your local neighborhood to achieve your personal goals.

HIGH-PROFITS, LOW INITIAL INVESTMENT - Everyone should be able to start their own profitable business, and achieve The American Dream, so we’ve kept our franchise opportunity affordable.

FASTEST GROWING NATIONAL TAX SERVICE – Fastest growing in the last 3 years, with a Mission Statement of Having Fun, Improving Lives!



Who is the Ideal ATAX Franchise Candidate?

• No Tax Experience Required

• Follows the proven system

• Business Management or Entrepreneurs

• CEO Mentality

• Focused on Growth


We also have Multiunit Franchise & Area Representative opportunities available in your area!

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